Flash Mobs

10 to 100 dancers surprising your spouse, guests or costumers with a special dance or a song

Book our team to create a high-impact flash mob for your special occasion!

-Marketing campaigns, corporate events, conferences

-Major galas, product launches, team-building events

-Weddings, marriage proposals, birthdays and more!



Hiring a flash mob is a great way to surprise staff or clients at your company party. With professional choreographers, dancers and musicians, we can help you craft an unforgettable experience.

Companies use flash mobs to solve a surprising number of needs in the corporate setting, such as:

-Boosting team morale during a company transition

-Making a standout marketing campaign

-Moving meeting attendees from one location to another

-Special recognition for an executive retirement party



What better way to surprise your soon-to-be-fiancé than with a flash mob marriage proposal? We can help you craft a unique proposal that is just the right fit to what you have in mind.



Congratulations on your engagement! Now you have a wedding to plan and lots of celebrating to do. A wedding flash mob can be a unique way to add an element of surprise for your sweetheart and your guests. We can help you create a customized experience for any of your upcoming wedding events

Bring in one of our professional choreographers to tailor dance steps to the music and theme that you choose. We can include your friends and family or supply the whole flash mob. Want live music? Professional dancers? Videography? We’ve got you covered